Tour Report — Jason Day’s Distance Gapping.


Jason Day is one of the most precise players on the PGA TOUR and properly matching his distances from club-to-club is crucial. Hours and hours of TrackMan work, on course shots, and tournament play helps Jason breakdown his exact yardages to give himself confidence every time he tees it up.

Here’s a breakdown of Jason’s gapping and carry distances throughout his bag:

M1 DRIVER 300-305 300
M1 3 WOOD (+) 270-275 275
M1 3 WOOD (-) 260-265 265
UDI 1 IRON 255-260 260
PSi 2 IRON 245-250 250
P750 3 IRON 240-245 240
P750 4 IRON 215-220 220
P750 5 IRON 205-210 210
P750 6 IRON 190-195 195
P750 7 IRON 180-185 185
P750 8 IRON 170-175 175
P750 9 IRON 155-160 160
P750 PW IRON 145-150 150
MG WEDGE 50° 130-135 135
MG WEDGE 54° 115-220 120
MG WEDGE 58° 95-100 100

 *Club selection varies based on course and weather conditions

One of the unique things you’ll notice in Jason’s set-up is that he has two gamer 3-woods. When he tees it up in competition he only puts one in play, but he generally carries both during practice rounds to make sure he has the best one fit to that particular course. Both are built to the same spec, but the (+) is set at 15° loft and the (–) set at 16.5°.

If the course setup is soft and he plans on hitting a lot of 3-woods off the tee he’ll put in the 15° model. He’ll put the 16.5° in play when the course plays a little firmer or if he plans on using his higher-lofted 3-wood to reach par 5s in two and still land it soft. Jason is so precise and meticulous about his preparation that this is the standard occurrence from week to week.

Jason plays P750 Tour Proto irons throughout the bag and has had them in play since the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii. Jason loves the feel of the new irons and has praised how well they get through the turf. The irons he played prior (RSi TP) had a thicker sole and topline, so he struggled sometimes with a consistent strike through the turf. Going into this season, he wanted to find something that fit his swing a little better on a day-to-day basis and found that in the P750s.

A breakdown of Jason’s iron specs:

Model: P750 Tour Proto

Set: 3-PW

Shaft: Dynamic Gold X7

Loft: 1° strong (3 thru 7)

2° strong (8 thru PW)

Lie: 0.5° flat

Jason also has the Tour team bend his irons “on-set.” This is rarely done on Tour, but Jason likes to release the club thru impact, but doesn’t want to miss it left. This type of bend helps him square it up more consistently through impact and create a tight little draw that he can hit on command.

Distance gapping is one of the most important aspects of a Tour player’s bag and Jason knows the exact yardage of every type of shot he wants to hit with every club he plays. Col Swatton, Jason’s caddie and swing coach, even carries around a laminated card that matches the yardages Jason hits each club. Just in case there is any doubt in a certain yardage when they are in the midst of competition, they can refer back to it and make a confident decision.

As the Tour hits it’s midway point, look for Jason’s name in contention deep into the weekend as he looks to get back to his winning ways in pursuit of his second career major championship at the upcoming U.S. Open.


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