Golfers are always striving for those extra yards, more control and lower scores. From tour professionals to high handicappers, custom fit gives golfers the best opportunity to maximise their performance. TaylorMade is passionate about custom fit and providing golfers with the very best tailored equipment. Custom fit is a game changer.


With the release of ‘The Game Changer’ film, TaylorMade goes behind the scenes with unique insights from Major winner and Olympic Champion Justin Rose, who states “Custom golf clubs are more forgiving, there’s no doubt about it, they suit your swing, they make your mishits better, your missed shots more in play. In terms of really improving yardage and distance and ball flight, I think the amateurs see the difference more than the pros”. In a game of the finest margins, with the difference between success and failure miniscule, ensuring your equipment is fit for purpose is paramount.
Along with Justin Rose, YouTube sensations and PGA Professionals Me And My Golf feature with key figures from within the TaylorMade team to reaffirm the importance of custom fitting. Sean Brady, Custom and Experiential Director, TaylorMade Golf EMEA believes “custom fit is one of the most vital parts of purchasing clubs. It can help you to straighten drives, hit more greens, narrow down dispersion and result in lower scores. As a company, TaylorMade strives to give golfers the best fitting, with the highest performing product to help them achieve at every level”.

The Game Changer film expresses the importance of the fitting process, what it means to TaylorMade as a company and more crucially, how it can be a GAME CHANGER for golfers around the world.


Rob Brooks @golfnation_



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