Ryder Cup in Dubai? Why Not?


IMG_5376I was sat in the clubhouse at the Emirates Golf Club one afternoon reading an article on the possibility of Dubai hosting the Ryder Cup in the future on behalf of Europe.  My first impression was “that won’t happen” its too much of a break from tradition.  But after i allowed the idea to sink in a little, it started to make a lot of sense.


rory-mcilroy-dubai-desert-classic-trophy-600x400If this was ever to happen then surely it has to happen at the Emirates Golf Club, because of the history and relationship it has with the European Tour.  The European Tour first visited Dubai in 1989 for the inaugural Dubai Desert Classic and the tournament has remained a permanent fixture ever since.  Promoted and organised by golf in DUBAI, the tournament is fondly referred to as the “Middle East Major”, because of its longevity and the world-class field it attracts every year.

EP-140129024.jpg&MaxW=960&imageVersion=defaultplayDuring its relatively short history, the Emirates Golf Club has seen monumental changes to its surrounding areas which has created the dramatic backdrop we all enjoy today.

Emirates Golf Club and golf in DUBAI have built a strong relationship with the European Tour over the years and this particular venue feels like a “home from home” for many of the European players.  Its a venue the players speak very highly about and always enjoy coming back to every year.

IMG_6858Its a venue that ticks a lot of boxes you’d want a Ryder Cup venue to tick.  Its a location that has the wow factor, its used to hosting high-profile golf tournaments, the local infrastructure can handle the vast numbers of travelling spectators, the course is excellent and provides excitement, it would look fantastic on TV, the players love it and the European players know it very well and feel at “home” there.


The world moves at a fast pace, and the golfing world has to move with it.  In my opinion the Ryder Cup is the pinnacle of the sport and it has to be played on the biggest stage possible to do the event justice.

60036_Ryder_Cup 15th-blog-poulter

When the bidding nations for 2022 were announced, Germany, Spain, Italy & Austria, the courses they offered didn’t exactly get me out of my seat with excitement!  Sharing the Ryder Cup around with various other European nations (for the sake of political correctness) doesn’t make any sense to me.  To host the Ryder Cup, the venue has to be Box-Office and the Emirates Golf Club certainly delivers!

Rob Brooks (Golf Nation).


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