PING i200 Irons.


PING i200 Irons

A combination of power, precision, feel and forgiveness distinguish the high-performance i200 irons. High-launching, distance-generating long irons and compact, precise short irons allow for consistent carry distances with trajectory control, giving you full command of your shot making. The soft, 431SS head with a machined back cavity has a hydropearl chrome finish to repel moisture for improved surface interaction.

Precision Distance

The face is 30% thinner relative to its predecessor, creating a faster hitting surface for more distance and tour-level gapping.

Solid, Powerful Feel

The muscle-stabilizing bar and a deeper, longer tuning port harmonize with the thin face. The concealed soft elastomer insert activates at impact, providing instant vibration damping for unparalleled feel.

Increased MOI

Weight savings from thinning the face and the deeper tuning port were redistributed to the hosel region and toe to elevate MOI for added forgiveness.

Playable Sole

Added bounce and a more contoured lead edge create a sole profile that helps the club glide smoothly through the turf.


3-Iron    39.00″   19.00°   59.63°    0.21″      5.0°               D1              RH/LH
4-Iron    38.50″   22.50°   60.38°    0.19″      6.0°               D1              RH/LH
5-Iron    38.00″   26.00°   61.13°    0.17″      7.0°               D1              RH/LH
6-Iron    37.50″   29.50°   61.88°    0.14″      8.0°               D1              RH/LH
7-Iron    37.00″   33.00°   62.63°    0.09″      9.0°               D1              RH/LH
8-Iron    36.50″   37.00°   63.38°    0.07″    10.0°               D1              RH/LH
9-Iron    36.00″   41.00°   64.13°    0.05″    11.5°              D1.5            RH/LH
PW        35.50″   45.00°   64.75°    0.03″    13.0°               D2               RH/LH
UW        35.50″   50.00°   64.75°    0.02″    13.0°               D2               RH/LH


PING offers a variety of high-performance custom-shaft options to match your ball flight and feel preferences. Headlined by our own proprietary and innovative AWT 2.0 steel and CFS graphite, your choices include: KBS Tour, Dynamic Gold, N.S. Pro Modus3 105, XP 95. AWT 2.0 employs a steeper weight progression paired with a variable step pattern to provide high trajectory, increased ball speed, and stable feel in the long irons, yet controlled trajectory and smooth feel in the short irons.

                                              FLEX       TORQUE   WEIGHT   LAUNCH

KBS TOUR                             Regular         1.8°       104.0g         Mid
              Stiff            1.6°       114.0g         Mid
DYNAMIC GOLD                       S300           1.6°       124.0g      Low Mid
             X100           1.5°       124.0g         Low
XP 95                                     R300           1.7°        93.0g         High
             S300           1.7°        95.0g         High
N.S. PRO MODUS3 105             Stiff            1.7°       100.0g      Mid High
             X-Stiff          1.6°       105.0g      Mid High
CFS GRAPHITE                        SR65           2.3°        62.0g         High
              R70            2.3°        66.0g       Mid High
AWT 2.0                                Regular         1.6°        98.0g       Mid High
              Stiff            1.5°       104.0g         Mid


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