Oliver Fisher Testing New Nippon Prototype Iron Shaft.


Oliver Fisher has recently been testing a new Nippon Prototype Iron Shaft – “A Pro”.

There’s currently 3 sets in circulation, 1 set in Europe (the set Oliver Fisher has been testing), and 2 sets on the PGA Tour (with the Nippon Rep).

The “A-Pro” shaft Oliver Fisher was testing was 120g in weight which is lighter than his current shaft, the Project X Rifle 6.5.  The “A-Pro” is designed to aid launch with the long irons.

The new “A-Pro” shaft is also step-less, which is purely for aesthetics, as most players prefer that look.

Oliver was testing the new shaft with Mizuno Tour Manager, Alex Thorne, who was providing him with all the necessary TrackMan data to assess how the shaft was performing.

Oliver Fisher was testing the new Nippon “A-Pro” Prototype Shafts in a set of Mizuno MP18 Irons (MP18 FliHi 3-iron, MP18 SC 4-9).

Mizuno MP18 MMC FliHi 3-Iron:

Mizuno MP18 SC 6-Iron:

I pointed out in some of my recent social media posts that there seems to be a trend on tour of players who were “free agents” that now play TaylorMade Metalwoods, Mizuno Irons & Vokey Wedges by choice.  This suggests that “contract money aside” these three manufacturers are leading the way in the the respective categories.  Oliver Fisher happens to be one of the players who opted to go in that particular direction.


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