Is COBRA PUMA GOLF the new KING of Cool?


For as long as i can remember Taylormade have always carried the reputation for being the “cool” stand-out brand in golf.  By that i mean, they always seem to dominated the headlines with cutting edge innovation and clever marketing creating a public demand and a frenzy to try their latest products.  They always manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat, in terms of doing something different and thinking outside of the box.


Well that was then, and this is now.  The 2016 Cobra KING Ltd range has blown the opposition away.  For the first time in a long time the “word on the street” isn’t have you seen the new Taylormade line up? The tide has turned, the word now is, have you seen the new Cobra KING Ltd line-up?

What Cobra have done with the KING Ltd range is nothing short of a “game-changer” with the technology they’ve introduced, the “Cool” design features & the outstanding quality of the product, they’ve got the golfing world talking about them and wanting to know more.

IMG_0260Having a high-profile brand ambassador like Rickie Fowler with his massive global following & marketing appeal is a match made in heaven for Cobra Puma Golf.

The initial shock to me has been the new Cobra KING Ltd range has taken “centre-stage” in virtually every leading golf retailer I’ve been in since the products were launched.

The powerful branding and impressive performance of the clubs means they’re no-longer living in the shadows of Taylormade, Callaway & Titleist, they’re now competing along side them.


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