Golf is changing…..FAST!!!!!!


In recent times we’ve seen Tiger Woods transcend the game in terms of Fitness/Performance…when he referred to himself as an “athlete” back in the day people didn’t really know what to make of it!


Initially in the early days, the general attitude of the golfing world was that fitness doesn’t really help a golfer enough to pay it any special attention.  Golfers were more concerned about improving their actual swings than getting fit.


Fast forward 10yrs and the pendulum has swung the other way, with the introduction of Biomechanics etc every player who is serious about improving their golf game has to sit up and take the fitness side of the game as seriously as the playing side.


We’ve all witnessed the transformation of Rory McIlroy in the past few years from a regular looking physique to a super-fit athletic physique tailor-made to enhance his performance on the golf course.  He can swing the golf club at 125mph, but he can also control what he’s doing throughout his swing.


This is an extremely difficult thing to do, and its not only down to swing technique but mainly down to biomechanics and a dedicated fitness regime. As Rory said himself he’s always had the swing speed, but now he’s got the body to control it!!!!!

Rory has been working with Dr Steve McGregor, a fitness expert and sports scientist with a considerable track record in football and golf.  Rory considers McGregor as a vital member of the camp.

Not only is the fitness side of golf progressing at a fast pace, so is Golf fashion.  The “Sports Wear Look” has taken over from the more “Traditional Look” of old.  This year we have seen the emergence of the High-Tops and Joggers look from Rickie Fowler.


Rickie has always been on the cutting edge of Golf fashion, his clothing sponsor Puma do a great job with his “look” making him one of the most recognisable golfers in the world, and a fans favourite with the younger generation.


Also this year Nike have unveiled their “Modern Golf Athlete” look, which seems to combine the athletic appearance of other sports and merged them into a new look for golf which in my opinion look really cool and makes a big statement in the way Golf fashion is going in the future.


Rob Brooks @GolfNation_

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